Before quarantine, a couple had never met their neighbours, but found out they were blood relatives


The 10-year-old kid of Kjetil and Zoe resides with them in Los Angeles.

Erik and Jen, who are next-door neighbors, reside four homes away with their little daughter.

Beyond the odd and informal greeting, the 2 families had never actually communicated.

Their community organized an unexpected social-distance event while they were under quarantine.

The Njotens and Stroms discovered they really had a common bond via their firmly established Norwegian heritage throughout their conversation.

Coincidentally, Jen’s family hails from a Norwegian village that is only a few hours distant from where Kjetil was born and raised.

The origin of Erik’s family is a tiny, enigmatic island that they have never been able to locate.

Only a „few dozen“ individuals call the island home.

Were we connected in any way, wouldn’t that make things even crazier? observed Erik.

The tale then takes a really bizarre turn at that point. In such a detached period, it’s encouraging to see individuals forging unforeseen connections.

You just never know who may be your next-door neighbor.

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