Struggling mother texts a wrong guy in despair, and moments later he’s at her hotel to help


Amy Rickel, a mother of three, was having financial difficulties.

To be nearer to their father, she relocated her children to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Amy lost her job and became homeless as a result, leaving her to care for three small children.

Then Amy’s automobile had a problem. They were residing in a hotel room, but when her funds ran out, they had nowhere to go because all of the nearby shelters that took kids had three-month waiting lists.

Amy made the decision to get in touch with her friends and request prayers at the most hopeless moment of her life.

Her buddy Brian was the intended recipient of a private Facebook message that she accidentally sent to a total stranger with a similar name.

Amy immediately offered Brian Van Boxtel her sincere apologies once she realized her error.

“Oops! incorrect message “She text.

Amy started crying and begging. She felt ashamed on top of already feeling completely helpless.

However, the man she had unintentionally messaged responded to her right then and there.

Brian thought Amy had sent him a note for a purpose.

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