Chinese girl who was dumped by her parents due to her appearance is now a Vogue model


Because they didn’t find their albino daughter very appealing, a Chinese parents abandoned her at an orphanage.

Because of her albinism, the infant was abandoned by her parents, but she went on to become a successful model, demonstrating that having a distinctive look should be embraced rather than despised.

A child from the Netherlands named Xueli Abbing was born with congenital albinism.

Her biological parents left her behind, leaving her without a birthdate or any other identifying information.

She had a challenging beginning to her life, but she has developed into a prominent model and supporter of others who are albino.

In order to determine her age in 2019, Xueli Abbing underwent an X-ray of her hand.

Doctors estimated her age at the time to be approximately 15 years old.

Xueli Abbing was adopted by a European family from the Netherlands when she was approximately 3 years old, which turned out to be a good turn of events for her.

At the age of 11, Xueli Abbing was offered with an opportunity that brought her accidentally into the modeling business.

A Hong Kong fashion designer who was running a campaign called Perfect Flaws was contacted by Xueli’s biological mother.

This ad served as Xueli’s initial introduction to the modeling world.

She has since established herself as a successful model, and in 2019, Italian Vogue published an article on her.

Now that she has overcome the stigma associated with people like herself who have albinism, Xueli takes pleasure in her profession as a model and is assured that she is changing the world for the better.

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