He swam one kilometer in the pitch black to save her


What do we consider to be heroes? He likely stands tall, has enormous biceps, beard, and black glasses.

But in reality, it’s merely a picture from a movie.

And the true heroes are here, and it’s impossible to spot them among the crowd.

And Ust-Kut is home to one such hero as an example.

Bogdan is his name. Two guys were returning home one evening.

Suddenly, a distant plea for assistance could be heard.

The river was just across the way. One thing was very evident right away: someone was drowning.

Bogdan flung himself into the sea without any hesitation and his comrade quickly went for assistance.

To find the drowning victim, Bogdan had to swim for almost a kilometer in the dark.

It turned out to be a little girl. He took her in his arms and started swimming for land.

He made an effort to chat to the girl the entire time in an effort to calm her fears.

After some time, a second man swam up to Bogdan, and the two of them were able to successfully get the girl to land.

Bogdan Ogorodnikov works as a lifeguard at the neighborhood river club, as it came out afterwards.

He has excellent swimming skills and understands how to save someone who is drowning.

Thankfully, the latter was not necessary. The young lady was brought to the hospital.

Thank God no harm came to her. Additionally, Bogdan Ogorodnikov received a formal commendation “For saving a drowning man.”

He is a true hero—humble and upright!

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