She was born with the help of the firefighter, who later adopted her


A woman who was calling for assistance due to excruciating stomach discomfort called the fire station dispatchers in Myrtle Beach.

They couldn’t even imagine that they would be giving birth to a daughter in a few minutes when Mark Hadden and his crew rushed to the call.

Rescuers recognized they were running out of time to get to the hospital as they arrived on the scene.

By directly assisting in the girl’s birth, Mark undertook a responsible mission.

He didn’t know he was holding his future daughter while the girl was in his arms, too.

The mother in labor said the next day that she would leave the infant at the hospital since she was homeless and didn’t need her.

Mark and his wife raised two boys, making up a large and thriving family.

But because of their health, they were unable to have children and were considering adoption quite seriously.

The couple also saw the child Grace’s emergence as a genuine gift from fate.

After the social service visited the family and spoke with them, the girl was taken home two days after the adoption paperwork was submitted.

Daughter has never been kept in the dark about her appearance in front of her parents.

The older sons adore their sister dearly and do their best to constantly be by her side to support and shield her.

And husband and wife Mark and Beth are overjoyed to have such a great daughter.

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