Puppy was using shoe as shelter until one kind man rescued him


The small gestures make the biggest changings. For a tiny creature your slight help can bring to a lifechanging event. That kind of luck had the hero of our story.

He had extremely tough days but everything changed when he met a kindhearted men.We can come across with hundreds of this kind of stories where a little animal is dumped in the streets as a useless thing.

It’s high time for humanity to eventually understand that all beings do have feelings and all of them deserve to be loved and cared.

Fortunately this story of our has a very touching and happy ending.

The hero, the saviour of todays story is Goran Marinkovic. One of those people who still care for our planet and especially for thos tiny creatures that need our help and care most of all.

Goran found this cute little puppy sitting in a shoe, being extremely hungry and there was only trash around him.

Goran noticed that the poor one was alone as there was no sign of her mother.

He was dumped there all by him self. So he decided to rescue him and change his life forever.In his interview the most benevolent person mentioned:

“ I save those animals that are endangered, or live on the streets. I can’t let them live like that. I enjoy looking after them because I love them, like all of them equally, dogs, cats others.“

At first Goran gave the little one something to eat and that water to drink.

After that they visited a vet and when dog received all treatment he found his way to Goran’s home and became a forever inhabitatnt there.

As Goran chose to adopt him.His name now is Smesten, the puppy that didn’t only get food and water but also devotion and care, that he was always looking for.

Semesten looks so different and better now, after a few months.

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