Rare deer astonished everyone with her marvolous beauty


Every day we meet someone very special. Uniqueness is the word to describe our mother planet. So this story is about one of this kind unique creatures.

The baby deer was born with white face and was ignored by her mother and she was grown up by the people in a farm.

There was no pigmentation on the face and one part of her body. Maybe the reason for this can be considered her mother’s rejection.

The cutest fawn was called Dragon. She was «piebald» deer.

Due to this color the deer had poor imune system. She was weak and feable. The color can be considered risky for her health issues.

Sadly, before reaching her one year age the fabolous Dragon died. It eas because of her health complications and difficulties. Despite all the given medication she couldn’t survive.

It was so heartbreaking for the whole staff. They will remember her with great love and longing and warmth.

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