Stray cat heartens up abandoned dog that waits for owners to return


Some days ago a cat was caught on camera, which was comforting a poor puppy. The pup was all alone after his owners were forced to leave him.

These pretty moment asure us how caring and lovable are animals with each other, in the most tough times. Luckily this story has a happy ending for both of them.

For about six months, this little puppy was not noted around one building where he used to live. Unfortunately his parents(owners) were very old and couldn’t even take care for themselves.

So they were taken to a senior care center. But sadly they weren’t allowed to take the dog with them. They had to leave him. But the faithful puppy was waiting for them for days and nights.

The people living there approached him for several times and even offered food. But what was the most touching moment was that the a tiny caring kitty offered him his support. He put his paws on the pup’s neck and encouraged him.

The cat was unfamiliar with the people but the dog was very friendly. Every time anyone passes by the dog tries to check on their faces however the cat was running away.

After the neighbors noticed the dog and his new friend, and that they stayed there even after six months after, they decided to built a tiny house for them.

But they enjoyed sleeping on the stairs and keeping warm one to each other.

Maybe they hug to warm each other. Or maybe they feel each others pain and do everything to comfort each other.
Though everyone left food for them every day, they were not sure wether they will make it in winter or not.

So they decided to call a rescue shelter. They were inspected. The cat’s name is Nyang and the puppy’s name is Meong. They will stay in shelter untill someone adopts them.

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