A 40-year-old retired racehorse and a 58-year-old man give each other a motive to live


Waco once was a famous racing horse, but now he enjoys himself being around his new owner Donnie. It’s always thought that puppies are the best fellows for human but Donnie enjoys his time with his horse.

Donnie is a manager in Vermont where he interacts with lots of people but he always longs for the end of the day to go spend time with his horse. He lives in an apartment that is above stables that they can be considered roommates.

They got each other while being in the hardest time of their life so they supported each other through lots of things.

Waco boosted Donnie to heal from heart attack.

When they met Waco didn’t have much of an desire for food. And it was hard for him to take even gallon bucket of water. But now after recovery even 5 pounds are not a difficulty.

Donnie thought that Waco was going to pass away but it appeared that he was not sick all he needed was care. He just felt lonely.

He loves to speak with his fellow and tell him that he is never going to leave him. It’s been eight year now that they are together.

Waco celebrated his 40th birthday in 2017.

Waco had his special ways of comforting and relaxing his owner down. Unluckily this beautiful horse died in 2019 aged 42 years old.

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