A man takes his wolf dog on adventures instead of keeping it in the backyard


Here comes again a beautiful story of fellowship. This boy always prefers to take his dog with him to tours then to live him in the backyard. He decided to make him his forevr friend.

Dog’s name is Loki and he is not a simple pup. He is malamut, an Arctic wolf.

Kelly Lund is the lucky owner of this dog and he had made his mind to make a real, a professional adventurer out of him.

Kelly’s biggest dream is to travel the whole world with his furry friend.


He is a good example for everybody. He wants to show and make it clear that it’s possible to take dogs out for tours enjoy the time and not lock them in the backyard.

He also created an insta account for his dog. Loki has a lot of followers on his page.

They love taking pictures together and also they together explore the world and enjoy their time travelling.

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