The tired dog when saw a sweet cow taking a nap decided to curl up on its back


Our life is a choice of memorable moments and amazing minutes that make us enjoy our life, times when we wish to take photos in order not to forget about them.

Sarthak Gambhir saw that kind of moment in India and was able to grab his camera and took some good pictures for all of us to see them.

He was getting out of his house as he saw a cow curling up beside a local snack stall.The most interesting part about this was that there was a dog on the back of this cow.

The small puppy was sleeping. That moment was pretty awesome.Gambhir was shocked seeing such kind of view. He never saw this. He approached them to take photos but also kept silent to not disturb them.

The cow was of course aware that there was a dog on its back.Their cute friendship was so admiring. It was obvious that the cow loved the puppy, and it was not moving to not disturb her best friend.

Gambhir was not aware wether they belonged to the same person or not but they looked cute together.

Gambhir hopes that he will be able to see these great animals again. His eyes were blessed to see this.

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