A dog who was saved by a woman does not stop hugging his owner every time as a sign of love and warmth


A woman saved a dog that couldn’t stop hugging and cuddling her human mom. Her name is Kylo.

Her dog never gets enough of giving her warmth and love. She is never tired of hugging her. When she saw her mom for the first time she jumped on her arms and cuddled her really tightly.

She can evern get really sad and excited when her owner gets busy and stops hugging her.

But she is not the only dog of theirs. The family has another dog as well, which is named as Neili.

Both of them love each other very much and get along very well.

At first of course she had some problems. For example, she couldn’t move easily because of the wooden floor. But she fell in love with the family immedeately.

For her the owner put some rags and he attained the habbit of jumping from one rag to another by that enjoying his day.

She is such a good dog. She is so kind, lovely and joyous. She is like spreading her love on others. And also she is fond of sleeping in her owner’s arms.

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