Sad pup is separated from ‘mother’ cow who raised him, their reunion is another beauty


It has been proven for millions of times that animals have characters, feelings, emotions just like humans. And quite often they showed us that they can be even more sympathetic than we as humans.

Get your tissue ready because this story is a real tear-jerker.Rookie was a family dog who had formed a strong and powerful bond with one of ther cows.

They were like mother and son, always together playing spenting joyous time. Even sometimes you can find them sleeping together.

They were so close to each other, they were doing almsot everything to gether. The duo considered each other a family. All was just fine until one day they were separated.

Cow’s owner could not afford to keep it anymore so he decided to sell her.Rookie stood and watched how his friend was taken out. And his eyes were filled with tears. Rokie’s cries are just heartbreaking.

The cw was far away bt when he heard the dog’s howling he began to moo in reponse. When the puppy heard his friends voice he just ran and tried to follow them.

And the only thing that he listened was the voie of his fellow.Roockie was happy to find out that they located cow in a barn across town. Ina relief he jumped and licked the cow all over.

But his owner came and took him back home.Being separated from his family the poor pup became so stressed and sad. He refused to eat anything. He went to the place where he and his buddy used to play and stand there with a sorroful face.

With his head down he turned around to go back home when he saw his cow. The family decided to find ways of keeping the cow as Rookie was so devastated due to that.

When they saw each other they were not able to keep their joy and excitement. They could not bear being separated from each other as they treated each other as relatives.

A family is always a family no matter who you are. Their story is so heart warming and beautiful.

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