Two horses saw water for the first time but were having the best time ever


A few people know that horses can swim. It’s not only a good way of cooling off but also it helps them to excercise as thanks to it they work their all muscles not putting all their heaviness on feet.

From time to time for them it’s difficult to get used to water, though they are an excellent swimmers. They can react just like people do. Horses may need a type of soft convinsing. .

Watch these two cuties. It’s their first time in water. So they just need some time to get used to it and then all of that would be an enjoyment for them.

In Alberta, Canada, a trainer for the first time brings two of their yound horses to water. She took them to a river which is especially built for them to enter gradually.

Of course the water feels really different than the dry land. At first the horses didn’t know what to do but then when they got used to it gradually everything became just fine, just awesome.

The trainer starts to lead them out deeper and deeper. One of the horses was probably camera shy as he was contionually looking towards the camera. Horses follwed her hesitatly, and inches by inches.

One of the two that was more courageous to get deeper about her chest before going back. It has satisfied the trainer for now but she was consantrated on the camera shy one.

Then he eventually got in the water to about his chest. But it looked as if it was too much for him.

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