A devoted friend reacts in such a sweet way seeing the photo of her dead friend


These two dogs named Lucy and Lola are inseparable besties. They are a good example of true friendship.
They don’t even leave each other’s side. When Lucy was brought to the family at first Lola was not getting along with her.

After a time passed they made a really good friends and started sharing everything together. Sadly, Lucy had severe health problems.

Lola comforted and took care for her. Both of them were so sweet. Unfortunately, Lucy passed away. Lucy was 10 years older than Lola.

Lola and Lucy were friends for 4 years. Lola didn’t see her friend dying and she always waited for her.

Then she understood that she won’t see her friend again.

Their owner decided to put the picture of Lucy on the shelf and Lola was looking at it non stop. When she first saw the picture of her furry friend she wagged her tail.

Obviously she missed her. But Lola will overcome all the difficulties. Her momma does everything possible to support her. They were really devoted and true friends.

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