Man rescues trusting motherdog and adorable puppies from roadside


Lately in Serbia, was found an abandoned mama dog with her little babies on the road. One of the lovely volunteers went closer to them and and found 2 puppies that were hidden in the grass.

The mom immedeately loved the person that tried to help them. The nice gesture of the people showed by kissing the puppies forehead was something really beautiful.

It seemed as if she knew that thet the people came to help her and her little babies. There was trust in her eyes. So the saviours took the puppies and their mother to their car and put them into dog cage.

When one of the man went to check wether there was left any or not he found there a third one and brought the little soul to the car and placed next to her mommy.

After that all the volunteers started searching the whole area to see if there was any pup left or not. When the mom got to the animal shelter she was very glad and harmonyous.

She was finally safe with her litter ones and she did her best as a neq mom. She liked her fresh start. After 3 months her children were super healthy and ready to be adopted.

These astonishsing rescuers really changed the life of the dogs. All of them were adopted in happy families and they would be loved and cherished by their families for the rest of their life.

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