Heart touching scene: Ukrainians flee from Ukraine taking their pets with them


Over last few days the whole world was following the news about Ukraine. Even during these hard times people do not forget their pets.

This is such a heartbreaking scene, where the ukrainians flee from their home and take their pets with them.

There were many people who refused to leave without their favourite cats and dogs.

There are lots of pics on social media where people try to pass the border with their animals or are hiding from the fires hugging their pups in the shelters or at station.

They tried to survive under the noise of bombs and they need food, good care and medicine.

Some countries gave them the allowance to pass te border with their dogs or cats without veterinary paper. Looking at this photos we all understand that all of us needa better life.

Many people want to see their animals safe and sound that’s why they yake them with themselves. They suffer from the attakcs as well.

There are organization that need some kind of donations to save the animals. Companies that won’t ever leave the side of animals

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