The loyal golden retriever does his best to protect the crying little girl as her mother scolds her


The friendship between dogs and children are something different. When they love each other they will do anything for one another’s safety.

So here is a story like that. A five-year-old golden retriver protected a little two-year-old girl.

The girl’s mother ws scalding her and the scene became so funny when the dog stood in front of the girl and started bearing his teeth angrily to her mom.

This little cutie dog and a marvolous girl had a strong conection and were inseparable friends for each other.

We can say that they grew up together. They were side by side since the girl was born.

The mommy haven’t lost the moment and grabed her phone and took some funny and hilarious scenes. She thought that this was laughable she was not mistaken.

Watch the fun video below.

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