A faithful dog waited for his owners for four years in the place where he was left


This thrilling story happened in Thailand. The owners left their dogs all alone near the station by accident. And the letter didn’t stop waiting for his owners.

Leo, the dog, was a very faithful and devoted friend to the family. He didn’t want to leave the place where he saw his family last time.

Many people noticed him and his photo was uploaded to social media. After some time his owner was found as well.

One woman took him and cared for him. Fed him properly, but the dog didn’t want to stay there left them and went to the place where he was left by his owner.

He never lost his hope to see them again. After four years of longing the family finally appeared. But the pup did not go with them as he got connected with the woman that looked after him.

He feels happy and safe with this lady, so he stayed. He remained thankful and devoted to his 45 year old woman. Their bond was inseperable and so tight.

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