A faithful puppy protects his family members from poisonous snake that entered the house


This trustworthy dog saved the whole family members from the poisonous snake. His move was so heroic and brave.

All this story happened in Kuching city. The pup’s name was Chiko, and he was the one that fought against the venemous snake and sadly he passed away.

The owner of the dog Alice Mingo uploaded the photo of the dog. The one that was so courageous and faithful that saved their life.

The dog had such an sagnificant role in their life and family. He was like a family member, everyone loved him. And all of them were in a deep grief when they lost their friend.

A lot of people said sometimes that Chiko is a very agressive dog and that he will hurt somebody some day. All of them were mistaken. The pup proved that he was a real buddy.

The dog and the snake met in the dining room and the family tried their best to save the puppy’s life and separate him from snake, but their efforts passed in vain. Rest in piece Chiko, true hero.

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