How a boy rescued the drowning dog when he was walking along the pier, a real hero


A 20 year old Raden who went to throw his granny’s litter in the litter bin, could not even imagine that he would help and save another life.

The day was very windy, and Bibi a tiny dog, by accident was thrown into the litter bin. The handler of the dog was Sue. He was really devastated as he couldn’t swim towards the dog and save the latter’s life.

There were many people who were just standing and looking what was going on. Raden jumped into the water to save the hopeless drowning dog’s life.

Happily he was able to grab the canine and pull it out of the water where the owner of it pulled him up.

When his puppy was saved Sue jsut huged Raden as a sign of gratefullness and promised to be more attentive from that day on.

If the stranger was not there maybe it would have been impossible to save the dog’s life. As he was not able to swim to the seaside.

Luckily that heroic guy was out there. The owner didn’t stom thanking the hero for his braveness. The boy appeared at the proper place at the proper time.

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