Panther abandoned by its mother raised by human and a lovely dog


We all have our battels to fight. This poor creature was left all alone and in a poor situation, after being ignored after her birth.

She is such a sweet panther and she struggled a lot being in a zoo. Fortunately she was adopted by a very kind woman. And was named as Luna.

Her life was so hard when her mother rejected and left her and she stayed all alone being just a few year old baby.

She suffered a lot but her hardships turned to happiness when she met this benevolent woman and her lovely and friendly dog. Her life is now just marvolous. She is surrounded by the ones who love and appreciate her very much.

Victoria, used to visit and hand fed the panther. She did that until she got to know that Luna was all healthy and strong.

But she got so connected with her that gould not just leave her, so Victoria decided to take her and make a part of her family. In a few days she bought the pet from the zoo.

However, the lady had some fears that Luna and her dog won’t get alond but she was pleased to see that they became inseparable friends.

They adore playing and spending time together. Exploring new things is their favourite thing to do together.

Victoria also keeps them active on social media and posting pictures of her two furries.

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