Judge gives woman convicted of animal cruelty the same deserving punishment


We always think how people get to commit a crime? How do we send the ones to jail who need to go? So the judge of this video have the answers.

One of the most unique judges ever. Meet Mike Cicconetti, who has a long story of giving a strange form of punishment. He can give 2 options.

One to choose a jail time or the second one to have a unique way of discipline. And its purpose is to give them a good lesson.

So let’s discuss such kind of cases. A woman skipped on paying 30$ on a taxi fee and she had the choice of walking 30 miles or 30 days in jail and surely she chose walk.

One other case where 2 teens vandalized a native scene the judge made them to walk through the whole city with a donkey and a sign on which was written „Sorry for the Jackass Offense.“

Due to his newly approach to the law, his commands always go viral when it comes to abusers and say nothing about identity thieves.

This man thinks that each case need to be taken as its entity. Some of them maybe need to considered more personal.

Of course his way of punishing is not cruel but its unusual.When judges have to deal with individual cases they are forced to make up their own way of punishment. Look how Mike, who is a animal lover, deals with a dog abuser.

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