Incredible moment world’s largest sea turtle emerges from the sea


I’m sure you have never seen a turtle this large. This is first time that he emered into the beach. It seems as if it came out of the water to rest upon the warm sand.

It is a marvolous leatherback turtle. They are considered the biggest turtle species in the world. Unlike other turtles they do not have a hard shell. instead their back is covered with thick, leathery skin, hence comes the name.

They prefer to travel the whole world all alone, and meet others only while breeding. Like other turtles they lay their eggs on a beach and let their babies have their own way to sea.

They can cope with the colder conditions of the sea so they can go deeper and have their favorite snacks, jellyfish.
Leatherbacks can grow up to 9 feet taller than the other turtles.

This is really amazing. They are unbeleivable.

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