This newborn foal looks ordinary, but she is far from being one!


Watch at this cuties. They all are so wonderful. Men that raise them are extraordinary people. The Budweiser is the most well-known company that have horses through whole planet.

They are born and grown as a piece of multi million dollar operation. This proves how unique they are. They do everything to just get the best horses for their advertisements.

During the Super Bowl their ads are one of the most enjoyed and watched ones. These fantastic souls are used for advertising their products.

They fed and trained at Warm Spring Ranch. The owner of this place Jeff Knapper, adores his horses very much and that’s why they love him back.

For Budweiser company only male horses are chosen and it’s done every year. But this female horse became the star in her own way, and you will see how it happens.

You should just watch how they react to Jeff in the video. He is responsible for everyone there to feed, bred but of course he has his great team that helps him through everything.

This video tells us the story behind their company and carecterizes a unique kiddo named Hope. She won Super Bowl commercial entitled „Brotherhood.“ All of them are majestic set of fowls.

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