Skippy the shih tzu does this adorable trick to get a treat he melts my heart!


We all know dogs right? They are one of the most famous animals all over the world. All of this is because of their joyous and cheerful character.

They are never afraid of expressing their feelings and they love doing things after which they will get their favourite treat.

Right here and today we have a special video for those who like seeing the perfect videos of the pup’s reaction when they get an award.

Most of them love showing some tricks and special signs to let their human beings know that they want a treat. Believe me nothing can stop them.

Skippy is a bright example for this and this clip is for those who never had such an experience or have never witnessed such thing.

He is one of the most adorable creatures that you have ever seen, as most of them are. This fluffy boy is surely trying to get something sweet from his fellow.

He could take it without even asking but instead of that he chose to ask for it from his human parent. The scene is so cute it cannot be described via words.

And also Skippy’s daddy said that he got his treat immediately after the video was stopped.

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