A woman named Tracey adopts 6 dogs which need special care and now they are living their life to the fullest


Meet this is Tracey Fowler, a woman from Mendon, that dedicated all her life to support pups that almost all other people neglect. She used to have dog, and then decided to adopt 6 puppies.

These dogs need exceptional love and care, like extra special. All her time is consentrated on looking after this dogs. Now all of them are eight, the all are strong. They live their life to fullest and enjoy every second.

So here come the Fowler dogs, they are extra special ones. They wanted to be chosen and they fought for it.
Luckily all of them are good now.

It appeared that she already had to pups and before she adopted these special ones.

Hayden, was struggling with degenerative myelopathy, it is a problem with paralysis. The trigger of this was a cruel infection.

It was his death that made Tracey to adopt others. Although she never lost hope, until his final days.

All of them are special, but all of them get the love and attention that they deserve, and they are in good relations with one another. Tracy is a great mother and friend for all of them.

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