Wounded veteran gets his service dog to be the best man at his wedding


It is a obvious fac t that dogs are man’s best friend. But there are some exseptional cases when they are not only a friend but also a best man.

This happened in the case of this veteran that was so close with his pet that decide to involve him in the wedding ceremony in a very special manner.

The veteran of today’s story is Justin Lansford. He 2012 was deployed in Afghanistan and suffered an accident. He had bilaterally severed femurs which resulted in the amputation of his leg.

But during curing time he got special chanse to have a supporting dog, which appeared to be golden retriever named Gabe. Gabe was serving him while recovery.

The gold pup is always there for the man. He always helps him with every little thing needed.

And not only helping, he was like a source of happiness. And he became very bonded with James’s girlfriend as well who was working in Warrior Canine Connections and she understood fairly well the connection they shared.

When Justin and Carol were getting married in 2015, they thought it right to have Gabe during that ceremony . And he diceded to give the canine a great role on his special day.

He was a best man. As Gabe was there always in any bad or positive situations, why the wedding should be any different.

Everyone in the wedding felt great with that decision and there was a steady aww during the entie evening.

We all will accept that wedding is something very important where you want all the most important people of your life be around.

And this story is a proof that relations can be really deep and connected. The pets are the best friends that we can ever have.

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