Gigantic St. Bernard is being extremely needy toward his dad, they are so funny


Meet St Bernard the giant dog, the one that stole everyones heart with his kind heart, endless and boundless love for the family, and with his readiness to defend its master and stubborn character in some cases.

In the face of his giant size he is allowed to sleep in bed. And also he is known for his image with a barrel of rum on his neck.

The picture you see is a result of Edwin Landseer’s imagination. He depicted Bernard this role during a visit to Switzerland, in 1819.

People took this picture very positively, and the rum barrel remains a symbol of this amazing canine. St. Bernard’s monks grew this dogs up and used them while searching and saving the lost tourists.

And from St Bernard came the name of this breed. Nowadays this dog is an excellent companion and friend with calm character. St Bernard has lots of advantages that led to the popularity of dogs of this type.

So that is the reason why it is so important to know the nuances about the health and growing of the animals.

If you want to raise a good dog that is ready to everything for you you better be prepared for the hard work on training and education of them.

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