Little chihuahua waits all day for his main person in life: they met once and for the whole life


This tiny, cute chihuahua, Franny, gave his heart to a man the very next day, he saw him. As soon as she came into the new house this beautiful bond was created.

We can see the unconditional love of the pup towards the postman. As he had no time to settle down with his owners he fell in love with the man.

And it’s not in vain that he got so attached to Dan as this man gets along well with everyone in this area, he works here for a long period of time.

And the day they met the man was doing his job and then suddenly saw this pup and wanted to stroke him and then picked him up. That’s when everything happened.

He was so sweet that the man just melted and could stop admiring him and at that moment Franny understood that Dan was the only main person of his life.

And now it became a daily routine to them. The dog is waiting for the postman everyday in front of the video, and the man even if the family does not have any mails stops by to see his favourite pup to give him love and then continue his working day.

When Franny noticec the white van of the man his happines knows no bounds.

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