Labrador almost every day runs to the pier to swim with his friend the dolphin, this is an unusual friendship


Animals never cease to amaze us, especially when it comes to their friendship stories. There are lots of stories about friendships of different species and today’s story comes to tell us about labrador and dolphin.

So the dog’s owner was the first one that noticed that something was going on. Something unusual was happening.

As the man mentinoned, according to him, his pup asks him everyday to go to the pier, where he jumps into the water and swims with his friend enjoying his time.

What’s most amazing is that the dolphin is also waiting for his faithful chap to share the best time and frolic with him in the water. And he says that he even saw the dolphin ride on his pet’s back.

Probably they play catch up. They are really inseparable.

The handler mentions that even if due to some circumstances or to a short trip, they cannot see each other, after coming back the pupy immediately goes to his fellow.

They truly love each other and even the different worlds cannot ba an obstacle for them, this is a real example of fellowship.

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