So sad, heartbroken elephant walked 15 miles to say final goodbye to his keeper


Emotional moments in our life are so much, that sometimes we need some stops. So this grieving elephant walked for almost 2 hours to cross 15 miles and to encounter the man that cared for him and gave love to him for decades.

He came to give his final salute to his favourite person.

Meet Omanchetan, the man that all his life devoted to caring helpless animals for almost 6 decades. He loved all of them more than anyone or anything else.

But with bone of them his bond was quite different, that they shared beyond understanding. The conection between him and Pallata was like that of father and son relations.

Some days ago, sadly Omanchetan passed away, in the age of 74. One of his last wishes was to see his old chap one last time, but unfortunately it cannot be fulfilled.

But the thing is that the faithful animal went to his human best friend to say his ending good bye to him.

They loved each other like anything and when Pallata came to say his last good bye everone there was teared and went very emotional.

Watch the exciting moment below.

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