Young boy walks 2-miles alone to save a dying puppy, thanks to him the pup survived


Can you imagine this boy, walked almost 2 miles on foot, all alone, to save his pup. He is a 13 year old South African, from Delft.

The boy noticed that his dog was not eating anything and had a bloody diarrhea, so he stepped up to find help.
He came to town to and animal rescue shelter, that works to help animals, local dogs and cats.

One of the workers said that she was very thin and also that the boy told them he did not have enough money for the dog’s food.

And they promised to do their best to save the dog and find her a new home were the little pup can be taken care for better.

After some check ups it turned out that Nanuk, teh dog had serious illness and the she could not survive without medication and treatment. And to cheer her up she got regular visits from the local kittens.

If she was not going to eat she was going to die. Thank god for this boy that saved his life. Now Nanuk is looking for a forever home.

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