A strange „pit bull-dachshund“ puppy walks in the garden and asks for help


The Society for the Protection of Animals received a call from a local resident who said that a dog had wandered into his yard, asking for help.

They went there and saw a poor dog with the head of a pit bull and the body of a dachshund! They were very surprised because they saw it for the first time.

The shelter said the poor guy was actually a one year old stray puppy, a pit bull-dachshund mix. They named him Rami and gave him up for adoption.

Rummy was instantly loved by everyone on the internet as people were fascinated and surprised to see such a rare appearance! Within a few days, so many wanted to adopt him!

Due to the possibility that he was poorly raised, the shelter eventually dropped the idea of ​​adoption and adopted Rami as their own canine representative. He now lives at the shelter as a leader.

Rami is a very shy puppy who is afraid of cats and just wants hugs.

It must be remembered that breeding incompatible breeds poses a serious health hazard to dogs. But in Rami’s case, it’s pure nature and all they can do is give him a better life!

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