The bus station helps stray dogs and provides each with a separate bed


In the small town of Courtiba, Brazil, there was a bus stop where stray dogs lived. The first station dogs are Max, Pitoko and Zono.

One day, the station staff saw three dogs wandering there.

They let all the dogs into the station so they could warm up and be comfortable.

Now they can no longer sleep on the cold ground because they already have a warm place to sleep that people have made from waste tires.

This story spread all over the internet when Curitiba employees posted it on their social media.

The manager of the shelter rightly thinks that it is necessary to care for and feed stray animals, as they may need more love and warmth. It is very possible not to ignore them and help them.

This planet was not created just for us, no one was born like this, each of us must do everything to help the rest of the inhabitants of our planet, give them warmth and love.

They really deserve to be cared for, loved, to live in comfort. They must not sleep on the floor and be hungry or thirsty.

When you see a hungry stray dog ​​on the street, please feed it or give it water.

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