Dog with tears in his eyes traveled 125 miles to return to his former owner


This dog Maru is already 1 year old. He is of the Bullmastiff breed. This poor baby was offered for sale to a married couple in Russia.

It was sold almost a month ago. But unfortunately he was sent back to the kennel when the woman was found to be severely allergic to dogs.

This loyal and pure dog ran away as the train was returning to where he was born, and the train stopped at a remote station.

He was very scared, ran away and came to see the owner. The train members shouted his name everywhere, but it turned out to be useless and they couldn’t find him. Kennel owner Alla Morozova was looking for a puppy and wanted to find the missing dog.

Tired and injured dog was near his house. The dog’s eyes were full of tears. He felt so rejected, useless and weak. The poor dog traveled several kilometers to get there.

The weak dog was lying on the train tracks. But luckily the dog was still alive, albeit strange, and blood was seeping from its paws. He was very seriously injured.

He overcame many difficulties along the way. He was panicked and very scared when he tried to jump out of the train door. The dog had become very attached to his master. He had good map reading skills and would definitely visit his old house.

The dog currently lives with his family in Novosibirsk. Now, nothing is done regarding the future life of this puppy. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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