A blind golden retriever has made a rescued pig his best friend


This is the story of Henry the little pig who was destined to die before the people of BrightSide Farm Sanctuary came to the rescue.

He was rescued from an industrial farm when he was only a few days old. He was very weak and cold and was on the verge of death. His poor mother couldn’t move around, let alone take care of him.

Henry has a lot of friends in his new home! But his best friend is a retriever named Raffi, who was born blind and is another great rescue. Raffi took Henry under her wing, helping to care for her along with the other dogs.

It seems that Henry was quite popular with them! Now, Henry has taken up residence at BrightSide Farm Sanctuary and is one of more than 30 local pigs.

They continue to communicate, play and walk together. They are best friends and always spend their free time together! Henry has a very gentle and affectionate nature!

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