The dog stands next to the coffin until the owner wakes up


The owner of a funeral home in Camasari, Bahia, Brazil, Gilson Almeida, told one very touching story of a puppy’s friendship with his owner.

Doña Lusinete, known in her region for her faith, has recently passed away, leaving good memories for her friends and loved ones.

And among the many people who loved him, there was one who expressed his love during the vigil: a small family dog.

The dog realized that the last farewell awaited him, and did not leave his coffin for a minute.

The dog cried in despair and did not let anyone near the Guardian. Dogs have pure and sincere feelings, this cannot be denied.

He cried like a man, because people cry when they lose a loved one, they did not let anyone into the coffin.

Everyone around was surprised by the reaction of the dog.

This dog makes you think about life. If he refused to leave his master’s coffin, it’s because he got all the love a dog deserves. He told her a lot about his love and care. He missed her…

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