The deaf-blind dog was afraid of being touched, but the owner found a way to help


This is Aidan Mann who lived in Nashville and worked as a veterinarian.

This man knew animals very well and found his calling in them. He always loved them, helped and did his best to make them feel good!

Only this 6 month old Australian Shepherd Plum had minor problems.

The child was initially blind and deaf and was very afraid of any contact.

Mr. Mann was not afraid of difficulties.

That’s what he said. „I realized what responsibility I take on and what I do. I knew that I loved this puppy and wanted to give him a wonderful life. “

Today, Aidan and Plum have developed a tangible system for knowing what the owner wants to do.

The dog knows commands, such as when he is asked to sit down, when he is called for a walk, he even learned to go back to Aiden! He is such a good guy!

Mr. Mann details his pet’s life on social media. Plum has grown up and practically does not differ from its peers.

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