An elderly couple of lions say goodbye to the world together


A few weeks ago, the Los Angeles Zoo announced the seizure of two of its lions.

These two couldn’t live without each other. They were real friends!

Hubert was 21 years old, and she and her friend Kalisa had recently lost their health because they were too old, and this was seriously affecting their lives.

Seeing all this, the zoo staff decided to put an end to their suffering, and now the lions can live carefree together in the sky.

The couple met six years ago when they moved to the same zoo.

Everyone loved them both. They were very positive and filled the entire zoo with their energy.

Everyone loved them and everyone was happy to see them.

Despite the fact that they are no longer with us, they will remain together for life and in our hearts.

Although the lions are mostly 17 years old, the pair have surpassed this record.

They have always been inseparable. The strength of their love was great, but they will never part again.

This decision was extremely difficult for everyone, but it was recognized as the best. It would be torture for them to live without each other.

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