The German Shepherd is gentle and takes care of the homeless animals on the farm


A woman named Cheryl Stephen lives on a farm in Ohio, where she regularly takes care of animals and helps helpless animals.

He said that even when he was little, he always took home homeless animals and took care of them, but now nothing has changed, he continues to do the same.

His sons also love and care for animals.

He is a German Shepherd who lives with them, he has always helped the children and Cheryl.

He did a lot of bad things at first, but quickly changed his mind for the better, and then something amazing happened.

In the middle of the road, Serge found a kitten, which, apparently, lost its mother, but Serge immediately began to like this baby. And then they took him to their farm.

This little baby has completely changed the dog’s life. The dog took care of the child like a mother, and they always played, slept and ate together.

Thanks to him, Serge became very caring and attentive.

After that, Serge began to help his owners and love this baby, because they changed his life.

He became somehow kinder and began to treat other animals differently. If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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