A sick little boy wants only his dog to console him


Riddick was rescued in 2015 when he was thrown under a car. After he recovered, many wanted to adopt him, and then the couple saw his photo.

They adopted her in August and the dog has become a very important member of their little family.

About a year after Riddick’s adoption, his owners had a son, as soon as Dawson returned home, Riddick, the other dog in the family, also fell in love with him.

They called them the four-legged patrol. When the baby started crying, they both ran inside to check on him. Every time the child cried, they ran to him.

Even as you read this, Cumbria usually sits on her lap and Readick sits on the floor. Dawson also loved dogs, loved sleeping with them, listening to stories with them, feeding them.

One day the child fell ill, he was not in the mood, he did not want to do anything.

Ridik knew that the child was not well and lay with her.

While the child was sick, Ridick was the only one he wanted to see. And Ridik was always by her side.

Riddick is the quietest dog ever. He is very tolerant, very sweet and smart. Everyone loves Ridik, and the family says that this is the dog they could dream of.

A few days later, Rekha felt better while running with her two dogs. If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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