His family surprised him with a puppy


Today you won’t see anything cuter than this as an adorable boy being surprised by a little puppy.

This 6-year-old boy named Xander Mellor loves dogs so much that he always wants to get one. According to his owner Natalie, he kept all the little things he had for almost 18 months in the hope of having a puppy.

Alex received this priceless gift when his grandparents came to his house. When the two first met, Natalie captured this sweet moment on video and shared it on social media. It went viral and touched hearts.

The sequence starts with a little boy waiting for his new puppy. He dances around the house with so much enthusiasm before running out when he sees a car in the street.

When he got out of the car, his grandmother told him to close his eyes. He does so, and she holds out her arms tightly to hold the puppy.

She put the little puppy in her arms and let him open his eyes. When the dog was placed in his arms, he could not contain his excitement and immediately began to cry. It’s so pure and priceless!

He was so happy to meet his new friend. He was the first puppy they trained and named him Zephyr.

They are a very cute couple! If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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