Chunky dog knew it was time to go on a diet when he completely broke down the door


Nutrition is a very important factor, but it can have bad consequences, you should not lose a sense of proportion.

A Labrador named Drax became famous when photos of him, taken after being photographed using an internal portal, were leaked online.

Charmaine’s sister Hallie found him on the streets of Queensland, Australia.

The dog was weak and looked ill. At the time, Hallie lived with her sister and four dogs, but Drax quickly became part of the family.

The dog is very reserved, he loves other dogs very much. Hallie then moved into her own house, wanting to bring her dog with her. But since there was only one dog, he adopted him.

A few years later, he returned to his sleeping home. Drax, who was a small dog, now gained too many pounds and after a day of playing in the yard, he followed his little cousins ​​through the dog door and got stuck.

Trying to get out, he kicked the whole door.

Charmain says that Drax has always been loved, but when it comes to food, Drax didn’t always have that luxury. If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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