Angel – a tortured dog who was locked in a kennel and drugged, hoped for a better life


Angel was a very sweet puppy with a lovely name. But his whole life was a continuous test. He was drugged, an innocent dog was tortured, and he was miserable.

But in the end he became useless to them, and they let him go. Well, at least he had time to live for himself.

But still he hoped that one day he would have a good life with loving people. But things didn’t go the way he wanted.

He fell into the wrong hands, where he was treated very badly, left alone on the balcony in agony. But he continued to hope for the best.

Once he was noticed by a cynologist and turned to the new owners, and from that day his life changed.

As long as Angel was safe behind the organization’s walls, he still had a long way to go. His first experience with a foster family was disastrous, attacking other dogs in the house because he didn’t know how to befriend them or how to address them.

After this incident, he was placed with a foster family until a solution was found. He continued to see a behavioral therapist.

Once in the abyss, the Angel finally saw a star shining in the darkness. In August 2021, a young couple who studied to be veterinarians decide to become his adoptive parents.

For them, it was a completely new life and a new experience. Over time, he became the dog that he should have been from the very beginning.

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