Richard Gere, 71, posted a photo with his 99-year-old father: it made people happy


Sometimes we notice that life is passing before our eyes and we can’t even keep up with it.

Do you remember when we were all little, we all had our own childhood idol and one of them was definitely Richard Gere from the movie Pretty Woman.

Then the girls went crazy for him, and now you know what? …He is already 71.

He has a father who is 99 years old, they congratulated him on his 99th birthday, and Robert posted a photo with him and his relatives.

The fans loved this photo very much, it was very sweet of him, everyone in the comments wrote how cute they were, how he had changed, how beautiful they all were, and many wished his dad health and long life.

Everyone was delighted with them.

About 4 years ago, in 2018, he married Alejandra Silva.

The wedding was played in Spain, and then celebrated in New York.

The woman already had a child, but this did not stop them from having another child.

And a year later they became parents again! Fortunately, they had a boy, whom they named Alexander.

We wish them happiness and long life!

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