A small two-legged puppy after a long time can already run on his new wheels


This is TurboRu, a tiny chihuahua who was born with one leg and unfortunately can’t play.

He is, of course, small, but strong, and this was the reason for the love at first sight, which he aroused from his mistress from the very beginning.

His owner is a veterinarian and she first encountered the puppy when he was only 6 weeks old.

She noticed that he did not have a very good start in life, he did not do well with other dogs, and his previous owner could not take care of him.

Love at first sight was instant, and the little puppy she held in her arms quickly began to behave like all dogs.

She encouraged him to strengthen his hind limbs, as he probably needed them more than normal dogs.

The owner came across companies that made devices to help him get around with his missing limbs, but he was so small that none of them fit.

It took him 6-8 months to reach the age when he could already fit in one of them.

Then his mom took matters into her own hands, determined to make his life better.

She recorded her first results on her social media and within a few days Turbo quickly became popular on the Internet!

One day, a San Diego technician contacted her on Instagram and asked her to make a device for a puppy through a 3D printer.

The dog could already use its hind legs to move around the house! If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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