Dachshund demonstrates chic dance moves with his owner


Dachshunds, with their long body and short legs, make good companions for anyone. They are very playful and cute. In the video below you will see a wonderful dachshund puppy moving in sync with his beloved owner.

Emily, the owner of the dog, is very close to him. It’s unbelievable that they share such a close and unique bond when they do the „Dog Freestyle“ dance together in front of the camera.

This dance is a choreographic performance organized to music. This usually shows training and a sweet relationship between the dog and the handler.

The harmony between them is simply amazing, and in no case should you miss. No one expected that a dog could learn such movements so easily and perform them so delightfully.

It is difficult to imagine how long it took them to make this dance take place. And the most incredible part of this video is how the dog Henrietta moves backwards. It’s priceless!

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