Former concert pianist plays Beethoven’s „Moonlight Sonata“ for an abused elephant


This former pianist Paul is addicted to elephants. Their handling caught the attention of this talented musician.

Mongkol is now 61. After his rescue he is living a peaceful life. When Paul met the elephant, the elephant showed that he really liked the piano. He liked music and he adored the works that sounded on the piano.

The hard work of transporting trees in Thailand over the years resulted in a slight deformity of Mongkol’s body.

He is missing his tusk and his right eye. Paul befriended him and found out that he really liked Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. This is just a beautiful piece, but no one ever thought that elephants would like it so much!

This elephant has compassion for this former pianist named Paul, and the world has definitely become better for him. How good that he will finally be able to forget his suffering and torment.

Thanks to everyone who helped him create his ideal world and make his life better. If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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