The dog from the shelter tries to hold the hand of everyone who passes by his kennel


Speck wanted to be loved and appreciated. And although he was a kennel for the Bullock County Humane Society, he was not to be ignored.

And although he has been in this shelter for a year, nothing has changed in his attitude. He expressed his boundless love.

No one can stand her love, especially when she comes to the cage, and the poor fellow puts his head in the bars and holds out his hand.

According to the director of the shelter, the dog just wanted to be loved, that people stroke him and hold his paw, he loves human attention so much that even other animals or toys cannot distract him.

When he looks at people, nothing else interests him. He needs all kinds of loving touches. The shelter decided to take a picture of the dog and post it online to show people how much they love him.

And all this changed Speck’s life.

The dog rescue wanted to find a family for her. They chose the perfect home for the dog, which had a large area and two more dogs.

Here he will receive the love and warmth that he has always dreamed of, and he deserves it. Speck wanted to be loved and appreciated. It’s good to see his dreams come true. If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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